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photograph by VALENTINO LONDON
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Suha Bekki trained as an architect at the Architectural Association and as a spatial designer at Central Saint Martins in London. Her work evolves on the perception of space and the emotional aspects. The camera is the tool she uses (still and moving) exploring themes based on the idea of simultaneous events and the importance of flux.

Suha has worked with several influential architects such as Alison & Peter Smithson and Ken Yeang in KL-Malaysia, amongst others. She has over 20 years of experience as a Team Leader and Assistant working with Dennis Crompton on the ARCHIGRAM International Travelling Exhibition and Installations as well as other exhibitions.

As an educator and teacher, she has developed a teaching method around the concept: ‘How do we Re-Learn our Perception of Space-Time’.

Suha is currently working as a freelance design consultant on various architectural and spatial design projects worldwide, developing innovative architectural concepts, branding design, way finding, and architectural lighting design.